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By mattpc

School Sports Day Photography Altrincham College of Arts Annual Sports Day

On 22, Jul 2015 | No Comments | In Blog | By mattpc

A day of great endeavour and courage at the 2015 Altrincham College of Arts Annual Sports Day. The school high jump record was broken, relays were run and javelins thrown. The pictures speak for themselves!

ACASP15-7 ACASP15-15 ACASP15-34 ACASP15-38 ACASP15-63 ACASP15-70 ACASP15-75 ACASP15-77 ACASP15-81 ACASP15-94 ACASP15-96 ACASP15-111 ACASP15-113 ACASP15-122 ACASP15-128 ACASP15-139 ACASP15-149 ACASP15-155 ACASP15-158 ACASP15-160 ACASP15-167 ACASP15-186 ACASP15-190 ACASP15-202 ACASP15-208 ACASP15-212 ACASP15-221 ACASP15-223 ACASP15-231 ACASP15-234 ACASP15-243 ACASP15-262 ACASP15-265 ACASP15-274 ACASP15-294 ACASP15-297 ACASP15-307 ACASP15-311 ACASP15-314 ACASP15-323 ACASP15-329 ACASP15-340 ACASP15-349

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