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By Matt

Inspirational People – a photography and art exhibition

On 01, Jun 2018 | No Comments | In Blog | By Matt

Sponsorship Opportunity

Inspirational People a photography and art exhibition

A collaboration between the Manchester based Booth Centre and Manchester photographer Matt Priestley to produce an exhibition and a book which challenge habitual portrayals of homelessness.

We are currently looking for sponsors to help fund this fantastic project. We need to raise around £10k to purchase a top end exhibition display system that will tour busy public spaces over the next couple of years. If you work for a corporate and would like to come on board please get in touch. As you can see from below we kick off the exhibition in November 2018 at Piccadilly Train Station in Manchester. 120,00 people a day pass through this station. The exhibition space we will occupy ordinarily sells for £20,000 per week to corporate advertisers.


At its core the project features individuals who visit the Booth Centre where they have found strength in discovering their talents. Each participant has posed for a photographic portrait that captures their individuality, a sense of real pride in their achievements, and hope for the future.  


Alongside each picture is a piece of artwork, poetry, or prose chosen by the person to show their gifts as artists and writers.

These portraits and artworks are in stark contrast to the usual media depictions of homelessness, the people it affects, and the myriad of associated issues:-

  • Together they provide a refreshing antidote to this clichéd view; showing the strengths and talents of people who have been affected by homelessness.  
  • They express an optimism that lives can change; that people can move forward to build better futures for themselves.
  • Homelessness is often a transitory episode in someone’s life – it isn’t what defines them.  


The collection will be edited and published as a book which people will be encouraged to purchase via an on-line platform.  Profits from the sale of the book will go to the Booth Centre to help fund the Centre’s art programme.


The exhibition will be displayed at Manchester Piccadilly railway station in the main concourse where 120,000 people pass through each day.  The exhibition will run from 12th to 18th of November 2018.  This coincides with the high profile With1Voice International Arts and Homelessness summit/festival in the city.  

The exhibition will be displayed on 24 panels (Size; 1000mm (W) x 2000mm (H)),standing in 3 free standing star shapes.  It will be printed on 3mm Dibond with satin laminate to give a professional finish.

This shows how the display stands will look in the concourse of Piccadilly train station.

Sponsorship opportunity:

We are seeking sponsorship of £10,000 to cover the costs of the exhibition.  Sponsors can have their logo displayed both on the exhibition stands and in the book which will accompany the exhibition.  The usual cost that Network Rail charge to commercial companies for this space is £20,000 – £30,000 per week, due to the high exposure that this site provides.  The exhibition will also be moved to other sites in the future and will retain the details of the sponsors to leave a lasting legacy of your impact.

Benefits to sponsors:

  • High profile positive exposure via public exhibition in Manchester Piccadilly station and as part of the With1Voice International Arts and Homelessness Festival.
  • Public partnership with Booth Centre, homeless charity in Manchester with 23 years’ experience supporting homeless people.
  • Helping to change public perceptions of homelessness, raising the profile of positive stories, rather than negative stereotypes.
  • Unique opportunity to directly support people with experience of homelessness to showcase their skills and talents.
  • Positive example of commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Unique corporate and media networking opportunity at exhibition launch event.


 Print/fabrication/delivery/installation of exhibition stands                                £7,200

Artists costs (£50 per artist x 24)                                                                               £1,200

Printing costs for book                                                                                                 £500

Poster/flyers/postcards                                                                                               £500

Refreshments for launch                                                                                             £200

Transportation of exhibition                                                                                      £200

Art Workshop leader fee (£40 x 15 sessions)                                                         £600

Art materials                                                                                                                 £400

 Total cost                                                                                                             £10,800


 In support- have agreed part sponsorship-                          £2,000

 Neil Morland, Housing consultant has agreed part sponsorship-       £2,000


Remaining sponsorship needed                                                                            £6,800


Background information:

The Booth Centre has been assisting those affected by homelessness in Manchester for over twenty years. Its mission – to bring about positive change in the lives of people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, helping them plan for, and, realise a better future.  As part of this mission the Centre runs an innovative Arts Programme which enables the artists to express their talents and develop artistically.

Matt Priestley has worked as a free-lance photographer for the last twenty years. Prior to that he worked for ten years in statutory social work in Greater Manchester. He has run photography projects with a variety of public and charitable organizations over the years who support and advocate for vulnerable groups. The projects have encouraged participants to document and reflect on their lives, learn key aspects of the photographic process, and stage exhibitions of their work in public spaces and prestigious art venues. 

Matt Priestley is not charging for his

Eric Tilley, of Tilley and Associates is providing free graphic

Asone, Business Digital Development are providing a free website end

Network Rail are providing the exhibition space for

Booth Centre Portraits by Matt Priestley-1 Booth Centre Portraits by Matt Priestley-2 Booth Centre Portraits by Matt Priestley-3 Booth Centre Portraits by Matt Priestley-4 Booth Centre Portraits by Matt Priestley-5 Booth Centre Portraits by Matt Priestley-6 Booth Centre Portraits by Matt Priestley-7 Booth Centre Portraits by Matt Priestley-8 Booth Centre Portraits by Matt Priestley-9


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