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By mattpc

Co-op Academy Walkden website and prospectus photographs 2020

On 17, Feb 2020 | No Comments | In Blog | By mattpc

Co-op Academy Walkden have recently become a client. In addition to the annual pupil headshots that we’ll shoot in September I’m also providing images for the Academy’s prospectus and website.

Co-op Academy Walkden is an 11-16 Academy with 1500 students and a strong sense of community and common goals which all their students, staff and parents share.

The School has a great range of extra-curricular opportunities including an excellent Combined Cadets Force, Dance and PE clubs, MFL clubs and a Co-op Academy Jazz band. These, along with the Academy’s drama productions and many trips, are what makes the school’s community so vibrant.  The gardening club won a £2,000 grant from the RHS last year and have built a beautiful sensory garden for all to enjoy. 

The school recently celebrated, with over 100 students and their families the ‘Ways of Being Walkden’ event. The event rewarded student’s academic achievements as well as their contributions to the wider academy. Celebrating success on a daily basis is a core focus for the Academy and there is always a great deal to celebrate!

Walkden is part of the Co-operative Academies Trustwhich is part of a network of schools and academies all working cooperatively, with shared goals and core values embracing a deep sense of care for others, their communities thus making better citizens for the future as a result.

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