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Passport photos near Altrincham with a digital IDPC photo code

On 12, Feb 2021 | In Blog | By as1admin

I am now registered as an IDPC compliant passport photographer based near Altrincham.

This means I am able to generate ID Photo Codes that comply with the format & regulations as stipulated by Her Majesty’s Passport Office which includes a secure process for storing and transferring your digital ID photo.

What are ID Photo Codes?

ID Photo Codes (IDPC) are unique to each customer and are created when you have your ID or passport picture taken by an IDPC compliant photographer. When entered into your online UK passport application, they give Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) direct access to your securely stored digital ID photo, which will then be transferred electronically into your UK passport application. 

The result is that the whole process of validating and sending HMPO your ID photo is simplified – the handling of little thumbnail size prints or transferring and uploading digital files is no longer required.

How do I use the new passport ID Photo Codes?

  1. Find an IDPC compliant photographer to take your picture
  2. You then receive an email containing your unique ID Photo Code
  3. Enter your ID Photo Code into your online UK passport application

      and off you go!













We offer a professional service for all your passport and visa photographic requirements, including adults, children and babies.

Different countries have different specifications for their passport and visa photographs, all the different specifications can be easily catered for, just let us know in advance which country you are applying to for your passport or visa. 

Offering a wide range of Visa and Passport services we can provide photographs for Russian Visas, American Visas, Canadian Visas, Australian Visas, Lithuanian Passport Photographs, Indian Visas. We also take photographs for USA passport and USA visas.


A UK passport photograph supplied both as a digital image together with an ID code-£20.00, add £5.00 for a sheet of 8 regulation size prints. Prints can usually be created while you wait. If coming as a group the first person pays £20.00, then additional people pay £15.0 each, (digital image and ID code).

For other countries, prices on request.