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Yoga retreats in Wales with Michelle Petts

On 24, Jun 2021 | In Blog | By as1admin

I first met Michelle a year or so ago when working with The Branding Tribe Manchester at Didsbury House Hotel.
She rang a few weeks ago to ask if we could meet and shoot some portraits to help her promote her Yoga and Reiki tuition as well as her forth coming Yoga retreat in Wales.

She has been practicing yoga for nearly 10 years and teaching for 6. Her interest in this ancient form of exercise was sparked by a nervous breakdown, about which she talks very openly.
Michelle started with a beginners DVD and would do 20/30 minutes practice every day whilst her youngest son was having his nap. The effect was profound and completely alleviated the panic attacks she had been experiencing. Gradually she did more and more until an hour of daily yoga became her go to therapy for coping with life. 
Fast forward a year or two and she decided to train as a yoga teacher and share what she had learnt with other people, thus enabling them to experience the transformational benefits of the exercise.
Since qualifying and starting her business she’s gone on to create classes, workshops, a digital positivity course, added Reiki healing into the mix, started a programme of yoga study for A Level students at Aquinas College in Manchester, and, for the first time this year she’s hosting the luxury yoga retreat in Wales! 
She occasionally looks back and reflects on how far she has come, from the anxious, lost individual she felt she once was, crediting yoga & Reiki to saving her and showing her a new way to live.
If she can now help more people find their way, then she truly believes she’s living her true purpose. 
To find out more about Michelle’s Digital Mindset Course please click here
If interested in Michelle’s Yoga retreat in Wales please click here